Milton College, Milton College Preservation Society, Milton Wisconsin
By Frederick F. Murphy
Past Commander
Sons of Union Veterans of the
Civil War, Department of Wisconsin
From 1861 to 1865 the Northern war machine was made up of men and boys who volunteered freely to leave hearth and home.  They joined by the millions and they died by the hundreds of thousands and those who survived returned home, many with debilitating injuries and fearsome diseases that were never cured.
They enlisted for a number of reasons.  Some to preserve the Union; some to help abolish slavery; some to take part in what they thought would be a "grand adventure"; and some just to see what lay beyond the fence that outlined their tiny, little world.
And they stayed through all the horrors that made "War hell", the heat, the cold, the hunger, the mud, the snow and lack of sleep.  And, perhaps worst of all, the loss of those who had stood shoulder to shoulder with them through so many "hard times".  But they stayed until victory was theirs.  Then they went home but they were all changed for all time.
Who were these men and boys of whom so much was expected and by whom so very much was given?   All those listed attended Milton Academy, at one time or another, and therefore form a unique group - the Milton Academy Civil War Alumni.
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